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Uncontested Divorce in Washington Online

Under Washington state uncontested divorce laws, the divorce could be initiated on the no-fault basis and it would be enough to get your marriage dissolved with mentioning the irretrievable breakdown as a ground.  If a couple agrees upon further property distribution, post-divorce debts and financial division and go along about childcare if any children are involved, couple may file WA uncontested divorce. state usually offers a simplified procedure for that kind of marriage dissolution. Divorce by agreement is usually less expensive and lasts not that long in comparison to a contested one.

That is commonly known, that the divorce is usually a compendious process which involves a bunch of paperwork and other bothersome experience with attorneys, however Washington state uncontested divorce could be easily filed online and that means that as long as couple reaches consent on mentioned above matters, they could simplify their marriage dissolution procedures via filling a divorce without a lawyer. The frequently arisen question, which bothers couples who decide to have no legal representation at court and proceed with filing Washington state uncontested divorce forms is how to avoid plenty of mistakes during filling out information, as the court would definitely reject the forms which are not completed according to the legal standards. OnlineDivorceWA is ready to help. All you need is to provide required information in the questionnaire and get an individual package of your divorce papers.

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If you choose to file for divorce online in Washington State with the help of our service, you will:


Being a significantly cheaper option than hiring a lawyer, receiving your Washington State divorce forms online will allow you to save money for something more important.


The process of completing the required papers for the dissolution of marriage online takes less than 1 hour. Being really fast is one of our key benefits that leaves our competitors far behind. Just complete our online questionnaire and we will fill out all the needed forms for your case.


Not only do you get a full package of completed forms for the dissolution of marriage, you will also receive detailed instructions on how to file documents with the court.


Washington State divorce paperwork online doesn’t require meeting with a client in person. So, there is no need to visit our offices – you will receive a full WA State divorce packet via the email.


We are always ready to assist if you have any difficulties with filling out our questionnaire. Our team of professionals will answer all your questions via phone or email.


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Filing for Divorce in Washington Without a Lawyer

If a couple decides to finalize their marriage, WA divorce online is one of the cheapest options, as you get all of technology merits, designed to make this process reasonably simpler. Prior deciding whether you are able to file simple divorce in Washington state you should make sure that you spouse agrees to divorce circumstances you have mentioned during starting the divorce procedure. That means that another marriage party shares your point of view regarding the financial and material distribution (like division of acquired assets and sharing debts after marriage is dissolved). In case there are children involved, you should agree upon co-parenting issues (like custody, healthcare and education of the child) and the ideas of both parents coincide, you for sure are able to get easy divorce in Washington state. The process is really simple and looks the following way:

  1. COMPLETE divorce forms, required for your individual case;
  2. FILE divorce petition at court in the place you reside;
  3. SERVE filed papers to your spouse and let him/her sign the Acceptance of Service, so that the another party officially demonstrates the agreement with divorce;
  4. FILE signed papers and wait until your case is finalized.

How to Complete a Do It Yourself Divorce in WA?

No matter whether you and your spouse agree on divorce circumstances, under state family law, there is no necessity to prove the fault in breakup of another marriage party. So you have to prove in court that there are irreconcilable differences between husband and wife and you are no longer able to maintain marital relationship and you may start Washington state do it yourself divorce. All you have to do is to find out whether there would be disputes based on post-divorce parenting, financial distribution and acquired assets division and what is more important to define if your spouse is ready to collaborate so that OnlineDivorceWA is a perfect option for you.

You might wonder how to complete do it yourself divorce WA: state divorce laws do not make couples hiring an attorney for filing uncontested cases and this fact means that spouses are legally allowed to have their marriage dissolution themselves. Typical divorce in Washington state do it yourself involves the steps below:

  • Divorce forms completing. Washington is exclusively no-fault state, so no matter who of the spouses initiates a divorce. Consequently, procedure is started when you or your partner gathers the information and completes divorce forms according to the court requirements.
  • Divorce forms filing. If a couple decides to have a DIY divorce, family law obliges both participants to fill out divorce forms in compliance with a current legislation and filed at court clerk’s office, in other way the case wouldn’t be accepted and the divorce is not started.
  • Serving and signing. As soon as divorce forms are filed at court, another party must be notified and legally acknowledge the acceptance of divorce circumstances. The person, who responses the divorce petition might either accept or join the petition and preceding from the previous decision the diy divorce WA could be passed to the court for the following actions. In case the whereabouts of responding spouse remains unknown, the petitioner is allowed to perform service by publication via printing a notification in the newspaper.
  • Filing signed papers at court. When both spouses express their consent to proceed with a divorce, the signed forms are filled out again at court so that the cooling off period could be started. When the waiting time is over, the court may grant a final decree of divorce.

Assuming from above mentioned information, divorce in Washington state do it yourself requires a lot of attention and compels participants to find up-to-date forms and fill them out in a court approved way. That is OnlineDivorceWa is designed for: you just perform the following steps and may be sure that forms are ready to file! If you use our service, you will have to perform the following steps:

  1. Sign up on our website
  2. Check online divorce requirements
  3. Fill out a simple questionnaire
  4. Get all your documents with a guide
  5. File the documents

Washington Divorce Papers Online

Filing WA divorce kit starts with having required information at hand so that you would have no difficulties while searching for marriage certificate or driver’s license in order to fill in the fields in Washington state divorce documents. Requisite data varies depends on divorce fillers but you would be asked about:

  • Full names, dates of birth, addresses of both spouses;
  • Marriage registration date and place;
  • Insurance and income data for both spouses;
  • Registered domestic partnership/civil union with your spouse if this took place before marriage;
  • Children-related information (names, dates of birth, residency both current and post-divorce);
  • Acquired real property data (address, tax parcel number);
  • Personal property information (businesses, vehicles, pensions, insurance and so on) account numbers;
  • Spousal support agreement (if any).

When looking for the Washington State divorce packet on the Internet, you will find lots of outdated forms and papers. If you choose outdated documents, they won’t be accepted by the court.

If you make any mistakes in your WA State divorce forms, the court clerk will simply reject them. You will need to update all Washington State divorce forms to ensure they are completely error-free. This is exceptionally time-consuming.

Finally, failure to collect all the necessary Washington State divorce paperwork can make your divorce process last for several months. If you have lots of free time and are not planning to have a fast dissolution of marriage, this option might suit you. However, most spouses value their time and money and would like to get their divorce process completed ASAP. And therefore, they choose to order a Washington State divorce kit.

Washington Divorce Forms

When a couple decides to fill out WA divorce forms, they might wonder how many of them and what kind of divorce forms are expecting for them if they use OnlineDivorceWA. For sure, the kit of divorce forms in Washington state depends upon individual case, arranged according to couples’ needs, however here is a generalized list of Washington state divorce forms online which you are likely to fill out:

In case you hesitate whether you are able to have uncontested divorce with children, you should realize that you would have to agree with your spouse on the custody aspects prior the divorce is started and you would have to file additional divorce forms in Washington state such as:


Any divorce in a state of Washington usually starts with completing up to date divorce forms and filing them at court. Once it’s done the Petitioner pays filling fee and then the papers could be served to a responding spouse who can join the petition or sign them. In case there is a disagreement with divorce circumstances, marriage dissolution turns into contested divorce, that would last longer and be much more expensive. If there are no disputes, the couple files signed papers and the divorce may be finalized within nearest time.

Residency Requirements

In order to obtain a divorce, a couple who intends to have Washington state divorce paperwork completed successfully, they have to ensure that they meet residency requirements. Under state laws, there is no demand for a specific time measured for a couple who intends to file WA divorce kit, however one or both spouses should dwell and maintain a permanent house in WA and be ready to prove this fact in front of the court.

Waiting Period

Under state family law, there is an obligatory cooling off period for couples who file Washington state divorce documents. It means that the court would start scheduling a hearing on a matter of divorce and this time could be used as a period for establishing settlement of divorce-related issues.

Getting a Divorce in Washington With a Child

Taking into consideration the fact that plenty of couples who ventured to getting a divorce in WA are wondering whether they are able to use OnlineDivorceWA to file their papers online. The answer is positive if several requirements are met:

-the couple has distinct consent regards children well-being assurance after a divorce

– there is no disagreement regarding parenting plan, child support and ancillary measures to provide the utmost conditions for further children’s development

Intrinsically court seeks for the most beneficial outcome for children, so do parents during getting a divorce in Washington state, that is why the paramount importance during any divorce is given to parental relationships and their desire to cooperate in order to ensure the divorce aftermath for their son or daughter would cause the least of possible damage.


Melanie Cardwell

I decided to use this service as I couldn’t fill out proper forms and I was afraid that I would postpone my divorce because the court won’t accept the divorce papers I completed. Well, I have just left the court and I could say that the guide that is provided with forms to file comes in hand. Great and simple service!


Debbie Weeks

I’m really into DIY, and my divorce was not an exception, so I was very eager to try this site out. It was so much easier than I expected, and the price was a rather pleasant surprise. I checked other sites before settling on this one, and while some others may have similar prices, I haven’t seen options with lower $$$ and this site offers so much more than others!


Hubert Anderson

I hesitated first, because we had a son and I was afraid that we can’t do it without a lawyer, but after having a couple of attorney’s consultations, we decided that it would be cheaper for us to settle all the parenting issues with my wife and spend money on summer camp for our son, than on resolving conflicts between me and her with a third party involved. To sum up – if you are able to agree with your ex, you better use this service.



Can I file for divorce in Washington without a lawyer?

Yes, you can. As under WA divorce laws there is no necessity to prove the fault of another party in divorce, you may need a lawyer in case your husband or wife disagrees with offered divorce conditions and has contested the Petition you filed at court. In other cases WA divorce could be easily done without a lawyer.

How to file for uncontested divorce in the state of Washington?

WA uncontested divorce starts with collecting and preparing information which you would need for filling out your divorce forms beforehand. As the process of completing divorce forms is a rather tedious process, which demands a lot of concentration and precise attention to information provides, you should better be not distracted by searching of necessary document.

Next step to be done is to fill out current Washington state divorce forms which are required for your individual case as the court will reject the papers which do not comply with a current legislation.

When your forms are ready, you file them at court clerk’s office so that your divorce case is registered and you may now serve the papers to your spouse in a way that your husband or wife could legally endorse that s/he accepts divorce conditions you offer.

If your spouse responds positively or joins the petition you file, you have to register the response at court and after waiting period is over, the court may finalize your divorce.

Where do I go to file for uncontested divorce in Washington?

In order to start a divorce, spouse will have to file a Petition at court clerk’s office which you can find at Washington Court website.

What divorce forms do you need to start a divorce in Washington?

Here are some of the required forms:

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (FL Divorce 200)
  • Summons (FL Divorce 201)
  • Confidential Information Form(FL All Family 001), and Attachment to Confidential Information (Additional Parties or Children) (FL All Family 002)
  • Child Support Order (FL All Family 130)
  • Child Support Schedule (WSCSS Schedule, Worksheets and Attachment for RSA)
  • Financial Declaration
  • Parenting Plan
  • Residential Time Summary Report

There are various other WA divorce forms you may need depending on your case.

How much does a divorce cost in WA?

Additionally, you will have to pay the filing fee for divorce in Washington. Unlike in other states, where the fees can reach almost $500, the Washington State divorce filing fees are just $280. However, you might have to cover some extra costs like a delivery service or photocopying.

How long does a divorce take in Washington?

After you’ve successfully filed for dissolution of marriage, you will need to wait for 90 days for your divorce to be finalized. This is a minimum waiting period, according to the state’s laws. Therefore, the sooner you collect your documents, the faster the divorce will be finalized.

How long do you have to be a resident of WA state to file for divorce?

Washington does not have particular residency requirements. There is no specific period of time that you need to live in the state for to file for divorce. However, Washington imposes a waiting period before the court will grant the divorce. According to Washington State residency requirements for divorce, the person who files for divorce must be a state resident and wait for a period of 90 days after the petition is successfully filed.