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Complete Your Washington Divorce Papers Online

Getting your Washington State divorce paperwork online is a quick and affordable way to receive a full WA State divorce packet after passing a quick questionnaire on our website. You will get a full set of completed forms for the dissolution of marriage and detailed instructions on how to file the documents with the court.

Being really fast is one of the key benefits of our service that lets us stand out among numerous competitors in the market. Take 30 minutes to complete an online questionnaire, and our system will generate all the needed forms for your case and send them to your profile within a few days.

Ordering your Washington State divorce forms online will allow you to save both time and money. You will not need to hire a lawyer to prepare your documents and pay them thousands for that or spend days researching how to complete divorce forms and what information to include.

  1. There is no need to go to any office, interact with people, and discuss your situation with them. You can quickly fill out a questionnaire to receive your paperwork – do it anywhere and anytime you want.
  2. Our service charges a flat fee of $99 for a whole WA divorce kit, regardless of your case. Therefore, the number of children you have or the assets you need to divide will not influence the price.
  3. You will not have to guess what to do with the documents you receive. We will send you a guide on filing Washington state uncontested divorce forms so that you can navigate the process without any problems.


Get court-approved and ready-to-be-filed forms. Step-by-step filing instructions are included.


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Download filled-out forms for cases with children. You will also get a guide on filing for divorce online.


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What Washington State Divorce Forms Do I Need to Prepare?

There are various Washington divorce forms, with some being mandatory for all types of cases and others needed only under specific circumstances. For example, certain divorce forms in Washington state would only be suitable for divorcing parents, and some only for low-income families.

When ordering Washington state divorce forms online, you may receive:

  • Petition for Divorce and a Joinder
  • Case Information Cover Sheet
  • Confidential Information Form
  • Certificate of Dissolution
  • Separation Agreement
  • Fee Waiver and Financial Statement (if required)
  • Child Support Order
  • Parenting Plan
  • Residential Time Summary Report

Please note that there are plenty more divorce forms in Washington state that can be delivered, and our system will choose those that suit your case specifically.


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Filing for Divorce in Washington State Without a Lawyer

When you and your spouse have agreed on all the post-divorce issues, you may file for WA uncontested divorce. The marriage dissolution process for such cases is simplified significantly, and there will be no trial, only a final hearing. Therefore you don’t need a lawyer unless you feel you cannot do without their help. Divorce by agreement is definitely less expensive and can be finalized in 3 months.

In Washington state, an uncontested divorce is obviously a preferable option for spouses who would like to have alternatives to hiring lawyers, for example, getting help online for a very affordable price.

Divorce in a state of Washington usually starts with completing and filing divorce forms with the court and paying the required filing fees. Once it’s done, the spouse who filed the papers should ask someone over 18 to hand-deliver the copies of the forms to the other spouse. The copies must be signed and filed, and the hearing can be scheduled in 90 days after the initial filing.

Here is a short overview of steps to filing for divorce in Washington:

  1. Find and Fill Out Divorce Forms Required for Your Individual Case.
  2. File the Paperwork in Your Local Court and Pay the Filing Fee.
  3. Serve the Papers That Were Filed on Your Spouse.
  4. Ask the Spouse to Join or Respond to a Petition.
  5. File the Response with the Court.
  6. Wait for 90 Days Since the Initial Filing.
  7. Call the Court Clerk to Schedule a Hearing.
  8. Visit the Hearing to Get Your Marriage Dissolution Finalized.

How to Fill Out Washington Divorce Papers?

Whether you are filling out the Washington State divorce forms on your own or ordering them online, here is some of the information that you will be required to provide:

  • Full names, dates of birth, and addresses of both spouses.
  • Marriage registration date and place.
  • Insurance and income info for both spouses.
  • Personal and marital property information (businesses, vehicles, pensions, insurance, account numbers, etc.).
  • Full names, dates of birth, and addresses of kids if any.

Steps for DIY Divorce in Washington State

While some spouses are more comfortable working with lawyers or getting some basic legal assistance, others choose to get a do-it-yourself divorce in Washington State. While this option is quite cheap, there are a lot of pitfalls that await a couple choosing to end their marriage this way. Here are a few things you need to know if you are considering a DIY divorce in WA:

  1. Checking if you qualify is crucial. In Washington State, a do-it-yourself divorce will only work for you if your spouse does not contest the conditions of the marriage dissolution. This implies that you should discuss every aspect of your divorce before starting it to ensure you are on the same page.
  2. Finding the paperwork is not that easy. When looking for the Washington State divorce packet on the Internet, you will find lots of outdated forms. If you download such documents and try to file them, the court clerk will most likely reject them.
  3. Understanding which Washington State divorce paperwork is needed for your case takes time. You will have to look through each form to see if it suits your case. Moreover, you will need to check which papers are mandatory and must be filled out even if it seems like they might not be required.
  4. WA State divorce forms may be hard to fill out. If you are not very knowledgeable in legal matters and this is your first time filling out the paperwork for a marriage dissolution, you may have troubles understanding what is asked of you in the form. While you can research the terminology, you cannot be sure you have correctly understood the question, and your paperwork might be rejected.
  5. The filing process may be complicated. While finding a local court where to file Washington state divorce documents is easy, knowing when to sign or file specific forms requires some looking into. Moreover, you need to search for state laws to understand how to serve your spouse properly and what to do next to comply with the court procedures.

If you want to file for a simple divorce in Washington state, it is better not to do it completely on your own. Getting instructions and documents for WA divorce online will save you plenty of time and help you go through each divorce step with confidence. Moreover, going for a DIY divorce in Washington State but turning for online help when it comes to document preparation does not mean that you will have to spend a lot of money. Our services cost only $99, and there are no hidden fees that you should worry about.

What Are the Residency Requirements for Divorce?

Under the state laws, there are no specific residency requirements to file in Washington as long as you plan to live there. However, if you have children, they should have lived in the state for more than 6 months for a court to be able to make decisions on child-related issues.

Waiting Period

Under state family law, there is an obligatory waiting period for couples who file Washington state divorce documents. It means that the court would only schedule a hearing after 90 days have passed since filing the paperwork.

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Great and simple service! I have finally gotten divorced and I could say that the guide that is provided with forms to file comes in hand.


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I hesitated first, because we have a son and I was afraid that we can’t do it without a lawyer, but after having a couple of attorney’s consultations, we decided that it would be cheaper for us to settle all the parenting issues with my wife and spend money on summer camp for our son, than on resolving conflicts between me and her with a third party involved. To sum up – if you are able to agree with your ex, consider using this service.



Yes, you can. Under WA divorce laws, there is no necessity to prove the fault of another party in a divorce, meaning an attorney’s involvement is not a necessity. You will only need a lawyer if your spouse disagrees with you on important divorce-related matters such as property distribution, custody, etc. In other cases, WA divorce could be easily completed without a lawyer.

First and foremost, it is necessary to find, fill out, print, and sign Washington state divorce forms. In WA, uncontested divorce starts when a petitioner files the necessary paperwork with the clerk of the local court. After that, a third party who is over 18 needs to hand-deliver the copies of the documents that were filed to the spouse for them to provide a response or join the petition. Once one of these papers is filed with the court, and the 90-day waiting period is over, you can schedule a hearing for your case.

In order to start a divorce, you will have to file a Petition along with other paperwork at a local court clerk’s office.

Here are some of the forms that you may need to file:

  • Petition for Divorce and a Joinder
  • Case Information Cover Sheet
  • Confidential Information Form
  • Certificate of Dissolution
  • Separation Agreement

There are various other WA divorce forms you may need depending on your case.

The filing fee for divorce in Washington is around $280. There might be additional costs involved, such as those for making copies or serving your spouse. In Washington State, divorce filing fees can potentially be waived if you cannot afford to pay them. However, it will be necessary to prove your inability to make the payment to the court.

After you’ve successfully filed for dissolution of marriage, you will need to wait for at least 90 days, a minimum waiting period, for your divorce to be finalized. Therefore, the sooner you file your documents, the faster the divorce process will be over.

In Washington State, there are practically no residency requirements for divorce. you should meet before filing there. However, Washington imposes a waiting period of 90 days before the court can grant the divorce after the paperwork is filed.