Filing for Divorce in Okanogan County, Washington State


To get a divorce in Washington state, you need to live in the state and intend to stay there. There is no specific residency requirement to file. However, the court needs to have jurisdiction not only over you but also over your spouse and children to issue orders on:

  • Property division.
  • Child support.
  • Alimony payments.

As long as your spouse lives in Washington as well, it should not be an issue. However, if they reside in another state, you might need legal advice on whether Washington is the right state to file in. When it comes to your children, they should live in WA for at least 6 months if you want the court to make decisions concerning them.

To get a Okanogan County divorce, you or your spouse must reside in the county and file your paperwork with the local court. Washington State no-fault divorce is the only option available to couples, and you simply need to state that your marriage is irretrievably broken to get divorced. Fault reasons like cheating or mistreatment cannot be indicated on the forms.

Divorce Process in Okanogan County

The general steps to the Okanogan County divorce process are:

  1. Decide whether you will be filing jointly.
  2. Get the relevant Okanogan County divorce papers based on your filing decision and agreements.
  3. Fill out the paperwork, sign it as required, and make the copies.
  4. Start your divorce by filing the forms with the clerk of court and paying the fee.
  5. If you are not filing jointly, hire a Okanogan County process server or ask another adult to serve your spouse.
  6. After the service process is completed, if it is required, bring the proof to the court.
  7. Once the 90-day waiting period elapses, schedule the final hearing if needed.
  8. Bring the rest of your paperwork to the court and appear before a judge to officially end your marriage.

Spouses who cannot settle their disputes will have to undergo a lengthy marriage dissolution process and hire lawyers. In such contested cases, an attorney would be responsible for guiding their client through the steps to getting a divorce, which may differ from those mentioned above.

Those who can reach an agreement are free to choose whether to get legal assistance and may opt to file without it. Couples may start their uncontested (agreed-upon) marriage dissolution together by signing a Petition filled out by both of them.

Okanogan County Divorce Forms

The main Okanogan County courts forms required to file for divorce are:

  • Petition or a Joinder
  • Confidential Information Form
  • Summons
  • Certificate of Dissolution
  • Case Information Cover Sheet
  • Separation Agreement
  • Financial Statement

To divorce with children, you will need to file additional Okanogan County clerk forms, such as the:

  • Parenting Plan
  • Child Support Order
  • Child Support Schedule and Worksheet
  • Financial Declaration
  • Cover Sheet for financial documents

In cases both with and without children, you might require other or more Okanogan County family law forms depending on various factors. The aforementioned divorce papers are common in uncontested cases, and many of them will have to be notarized.

To fill out divorce papers in Washington State, you will need to:

  • Get the personal and contact information of everyone involved in the case.
  • Inquire about your spouse’s financial and employment information.
  • Make child support calculations and create a parenting schedule if you have kids.
  • Provide complete and truthful answers to relevant questions.
  • Look up any terminology and information that you are not familiar with.

After you finish, you may want to review the forms for possible mistakes and typos before signing them. The clerk will likely ask you to redo the whole document if it is filled out incorrectly.

Okanogan County Filing Fees

Okanogan County divorce filings will cost you around $280-320. The clerk will ask you to make the payment once you give them your paperwork and, potentially, to cover other miscellaneous fees. As the exact sum may change slightly, you may contact the courthouse before your visit to learn the precise amount.

The judge may waive the court fee and related surcharges upon your request. However, you will have to prove that you are at a financial disadvantage in your Waiver and, likely, in other financial documents. If the court finds that you qualify for the indigent status or the fees should be waived due to other circumstances, you will not have to make the payment.

Divorce Courts in Okanogan County, Washington State

You can find the contact information and the address of the Okanogan County divorce court in the following table.

Okanogan County, WA Divorce Court Information

Court Name: Okanogan County Superior Court

Court Title: In the Circuit Court of Okanogan County

Circuit Court Location: 149 3rd N, Okanogan, Washington 98840

Court Phone: 509-422-7130

Court Fax: 509-422-7133

Court Hours: 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

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